VĐH Registration Kick Off

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As announced previously, registration will begin at 6pm (CST) on January 1st, 2016. The first 50 registrations (online with payment), will receive the very coveted and stylish TNTT Jacket! (Note: Only VEYM-USA are eligible; members of Ban Tổ Chức ĐHVĐHVI are ineligible).

Registration for all qualified members of VEYM-USA is a two-step process:

  1. Registering first as a TNTT member at http://www.tntt.org
  2. Starting at 6PM CST on Jan 1st, VĐHVI registration will be available at the TNTT E-store

​Additional information regarding VĐH Registration, to include who can register, cost and deadlines, and what registration includes can be found in the following attachments:

  1. Frequently Asked Questions (English)
  2. Frequently Asked Questions (Vietnamese)

​For individuals who are not members of VEYM-USA (to include VEYM not residing in the USA, clergy who are not members of VEYM, spouses and children), a “Guest” VĐH Registration – Step-by-Step Guide will be forthcoming.

More information can be found at Registration. Please feel free to contact me (tran0449@gmail.com) and Ban Ghi Danh ĐHVĐH VI (banghidanhtntt@googlegroups.com)​ with any further question.

Please share the information in this email with all who are eligible to attend and spread the word :)

​Merry (mercy) Christmas and Happy Registering!!!​

In Christ,
Tr. Teresa
Trưởng Ban Ghi Danh

registration kick off