Raffle Tickets

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Mission of VĐH Fundraising Team:

  • To raise a minimum of $80,000.00 through raffle tickets and sponsors’ donations for the success of our convention.
  • To help members meet their monetary needs to participate in the convention.

Raffle Ticket Winners:

  1. Contact Raffle Committee or Organizing Committee to let us know that you have the winning ticket. Let us know which region you’re from.
  2. Send a COPY of your winning ticket to our office at:
    Văn Phòng TNTT
    7711 Garden Grove Blvd
    Garden Grove, CA 92841
    ** Note: Please keep your original ticket with you.
  3. A representative from your region will arrange to deliver your prize to you AFTER 30 days from the drawing date. You will then give the original ticket to the representative.
  4. Inform the headquarter office that you have received the prize.

Raffle Update_43016

Grand Prize [CLAIMED]
$10,000.00 or equivalent

  • 092880

1st Prize [CLAIMED]
MacBook Gold

  • 013064

2nd Prize [CLAIMED]
Apple Watch

  • 056767


3rd Prize [CLAIMED]
Mini iPad

  • 060273

3 Consolation Prizes
$100 Gift Card

  • 039262 [CLAIMED]


  • 002124
  • 094110

Bonus – Đoàn with 1st highest sales

Bonus – Đoàn with 2nd highest sales

Important: Please read the FAQs for selling raffle tickets.

100,000 tickets printed, and about 90,000 tickets distributed to the chapters across America. $5/ticket or 5 tickets for $20.